Allrig India Travelling Block Overhaul

Allrig team based in Mumbai has recently completed overhaul of a 1,000 ton Travelling Block for a floater customer.

The scope was:

  • Overhaul as per API RP8B CAT IV, including a full strip down and HP cleaning. 
  • 100% NDT of weldments, lifting lugs, sheaves, pins, side plate and clevis. 
  • Dimensional checks and sheave wear measurements as per API RP9B. 
  • Replace all bearings, races and seals. 
  • Surface prep’ followed by a three coat paint system.
  • Reassembly.
  • Final QA/QC checks and sign-off.
  • Detailed report and documentation package.

We had an extremely tight schedule to complete this overhaul in, to tie into the customers short service schedule, which included the removal and reinstallation.

Allrig’s team was fully equipped to take this challenge on and successfully complete the overhaul within the allocated timeframe. Upon completion, the equipment was returned to our extremely satisfied customer for installation using DDM and Dolly. 

The travelling block overhaul project was completed at Kakinada Workshop utilizing Allrig’s core technicians and our regional support in India. Just another example of how Allrig deliver our customers local support on a global basis.

Allrig’s General Manager in India, Safir Ahmed, said “this project was very time critical for our customer. The experience and skills of our local team, combined with having the required tools and facilities in country, allowed us to deliver the service in incredible time, much to everybody’s delight.”

Allrig team in India is fully equipped to take up a range of Inspections, Repairs, Condition Assessments and Overhauls on Drilling, Rotary and Hoisting Equipment, as per API RP8B / RP7L CAT III / CAT IV with API Spec Q1, API 8C & API 16A certification. 

To find out more about how our team can assist you in India, please contact Alternatively you can visit our website to find local contacts   


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