Celebrating 5 Years LTI Free


We recently took a moment to stop and recognise the milestone proudly achieved by the Allrig team, of 5 Years with Zero LTI’s. 

Allrig’s CEO, Robert McInnes, shared his thoughts on accomplishing this formidable target…

“Reaching the 5-year LTI free milestone, is a significant achievement that is testament to the dedication of every single member of Allrig’s team, to prioritise safety throughout everything we do.

Allrig have conducted hundreds of jobs a year over these last 5 years, on all types of assets, in every perceivable corner of the world and most often in potentially very hazardous working environments, so I could not be prouder of the team and their accomplishment.

Ultimately this achievement is a reflection upon the unwavering commitment of our employees, company partners and clients to ensure that every member of the team goes home unharmed, as well highlighting that the thorough HSE procedures and processes that form the backbone of our daily activities are effective.

Although reaching this milestone is something that cannot be unwritten, this is by no means the end of the journey, we are challenged with new HSE risks every day and we see this achievement as a platform to build upon, so we can remain LTI free long into the future.”

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