Steve Dunn
Steve Dunn

"Let's get it right the first time"

Meet Steve Dunn

Steve started working at LeTourneau® in the electronics lab in November 1988 as an electronics technician. Through this experience he was introduced to all the various LeTourneau® control systems and that was the start of a bright career in the oilfield service industry. Testing and repairing all the components of the various LeTourneau® control systems, including control cards, SCR panels, and controllers where his main responsibilities. After that, Steve joined the Marine electrical Engineering division at LeTourneau®, where he worked on multiple assignments like working on jacking and SS crane control systems. In June 2014 he  joined Allrig, where Steve has continued to utilize his experience with LeTourneau® control systems to produce Allrig’s card tester, test procedures, SCR panel tester and procedures and much more. Do you have an issue with your crane? Steve is the guy to call, he will find a solution.

Key expertise

Electrical control systems including PCM120AS PCM120SS PCM220SS & PCM350SS cranesLeTourneau® cranesLeTourneau® jacking systems & skidding systemsTeam playerTroubleshooting
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