Allrig was asked to perform a 5 year SPS load test – Including BOP hoists, LeTourneau® pedestal cranes and life raft davits.

5 Year Sps Load Testing

Load testing & certification

Allrig has the ability to load test up to 400T (and could arrange for even larger tests upon request), using water weights, wireless load cells and digital flow meters, with 35T water weight bags. We could provide smaller water weights as required. From proof loading offshore pedestal cranes, BOP hoists & gantry cranes to testing lifeboat davits, hooks and winches, all is possible.

All tests will be carried out as of per classification requirements, and these tests can also be completed with pre- and post NDT as required.

Regional Sales Manager Barry Newman explains that “Load Testing is an obligatory requirement to meet with Class Regulatory needs, but also provides assurance of the safe working of any Lifting Appliances. Typically this should be performed at regular intervals as stipulated by Class, or after any major repair or modifications.”

BOP hoists

For this particular project, each hoist trolley beam was loaded to the emergency safe working load (SWL) according to required procedure from our client. First the forward (Fwd) beam and trolley were tested. Below a step-by-step description of how this was performed:

  •  4, 35T water bags were used, loaded the beam with 50T
  • The load was held for the required amount of time (5 minutes)
  • The trolley was moved to the center of the beam
  • Once in the center,  the load was Increased to 75T
  • The hoists where operated up (3″ to 6″) and down (3″ to 6″) to ensure the operation of the hoist under load
  • The load was increased to 125T
  • Lastly the hoist was operated up and down again and then held for 5 minutes

This same procedure was repeated for the aft beam and trolley.


5 Year Sps Load Testing
5 Year Sps Load Testing
5 Year Sps Load Testing
5 Year Sps Load Testing
5 Year Sps Load Testing
5 Year Sps Load Testing
5 Year Sps Load Testing
5 Year Sps Load Testing

220-SS LeTourneau® pedestal cranes

Using 3, 35T water bags, the team performed a load test of the main hoist. From a minimum weight of 13.95T at the 145ft maximum radius of the crane, to a maximum weight of 82.5T with a radius of 32ft, each load held for 5 minutes. Lastly, the auxiliary hoist was tested with a weight of 17.5T, using 1, 35T water bag.

120-SS LeTourneau® pedestal cranes

This crane was tested according to the same procedure, but with different weights. Our team performed the load test of the main hoist using 2, 35T water bags. From a minimum weight of 9.4T at the 100ft maximum radius of the crane, to a maximum weight of 12. 5T at a radius of 29ft.

Life raft davit

To complete the job, our team carried out a static and dynamic load test of the life boat davit, using 1, 35T water bag, to a weight of 2.2T.

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