Allrig Middle East: Succesful Projects

Allrig Middle East has successfully completed various projects on a Drill Ship for a major International Drilling Company. The project was carried out without incident, and within budget utilising Allrig equipment. See the team in action below;

Main Scopes;

  1. OEM Equipment removal & re-instatement
  2. Knuckle Boom Crane Cylinder change out
  3. Knuckle Boom Crane Cylinder welding repairs & upgrades in accordance with OEM
  4. Load Testing including pre/post NDT of Cranes & Winches (itemised below)

Load Testing & additional Scopes;

Painting under Helideck, Load Testing and /or NDT & visual inspections were carried out on Knuckle Boom Cranes, Drill Floor Utility Winches, Helideck Crane, BOP Crane, Xmas Tree Skid, CMC's, Hydraracker, Drill Pipe Catwalk Skate, Riser Catwalk Skate, Pipe Tail-in Arm, Inertia blocks, Forklift Truck and FROG using Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle, Load Cell & Water Weight method wherever applicable.

All Items were inspected in accordance with ASME V, ASTME 1444/709, ASTME 165, API, ABS, DNV or BV which ever was applicable to the equipment.


OEM Equipment removal/re-instatement




Knuckle Boom Cylinder change out




Knuckle Boom Crane Cylinder welding repairs & upgrades in

accordance with OEM



 Load Testing & additional Scopes