Allrig's Smart Glasses

In conversation with Barry Newman, Field Service/Technical Manager

How a senior expert in the USA guides a junior technician on a rig in Vietnam one day and in Mumbai the next, without ever having to leave his desk


Through the looking glass

Imagine. A senior technician’s eyes, experience and voice guiding your technicians on the rig, assessing, troubleshooting, decision-making and fixing problems; all in real time, with no need to fly in an expert from another location.

With the new market norm of low barrel prices, everyone in the industry has had to find ways to cut costs, improve savings, while still delivering their services to customers. Allrig is no exception to this industry reality, however what we’re doing to adapt is. We’re seeking out technological innovations that deliver smarter solutions for real problems rig owners face that also create genuine time and cost savings. Allrig’s smart glasses are one of those innovations that Allrig is integrating into it service offering to rig owners around the world.

Product development

Barry Newman, a Senior Allrig Sales Manager, tells more about how the smart glasses were developed. “Google has licensed the smart glass technology to various tech vendors for service attribution, and it’s already being well utilized in large manufacturing plants and factories. What we’re doing here at Allrig is developing the technology for the oil and gas industry to save customer’s time and money for services offshore by providing them with remote assistance and technical expertise.”

Live streaming and audio

The Allrig smart glass is a technology that enables live streaming of video and audio through a headset worn by a technician on a rig. A senior subject matter expert guides a technician on a rig to assess issues, troubleshoot, make decisions, and fix a wide range of mechanical, electrical, inspection, and other problems, on the spot.

Real-time inspection and reporting

“In the first pilot, a US-based Allrig technical subject matter expert was at a customer office in Houston and provided me with real-time technical support while I was onboard the customer’s rig in the Ijmuiden shipyard in the Netherlands,” explains Newman. The pilot was successful and, as Newman adds, “there is a huge benefit for the client when there is a problem on a rig they can’t solve. Prior to these glasses, they’d have to fly in a specialist to solve the problem, but now it can be done on the spot with the live video and communication capability the glasses provide. It’s as if the subject matter expert is right there on the rig standing next to the technician. The potential applications for Allrig’s smart glasses are quite endless.”


Sustainable solutions

Allrig’s CEO, Mark Hannigan, explains the strategy behind the new service. “With the market downturn, many large drilling companies have survived by cutting costs here and there, but this is unsustainable in the long-term because cost savings will need to come from somewhere else. At Allrig, we understand this. That is why we have adapted our strategy to disrupt the industry, by investing in smart partnerships and using the latest technologies to further optimize cost savings for customers, avoiding the expensive and time consuming process of international mobilization, without compromising on quality.”

Allrig is further exploring uses of the smart glasses and customers can already access the cutting-edge technology and time and cost savings it affords.

Game changing technologies and innovation

This is just one example of Allrig’s investments to deliver sustainable cost savings for rig owners, without compromising on quality. We have adapted our strategy by investing in smart partnerships and using the latest technologies, such as smart glasses, drones, remote-operated vehicles (ROVs), predictive analytics, and more. Interested in how our smart partnerships and technologies will benefit you? Get in touch with our Subject Matter Expert Barry Newman, and discover the possibilities. 

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