Borescopic Survey Gearboxes

Using borescopic probing for early detection of wear

Borescopic probing enables Allrig to identify, at an early stage, any worn gears, bearings and spindles in the enclosed gearboxes. You don’t need to open the gearbox, leading to big time- and cost-savings. The survey can lead to a future maintenance-plan per gearbox, it gives an insight on the expected maintenance.

For the offshore industry we are unique in doing this work

Like a medical team in an operating theatre, Mark Wille and Rob Beets perform their work on the rigs that they visit. With surgical precision, they guide their 8mm camera through the gearboxes. Beets is at the controls of the miniscule camera and carefully follows instructions from Wille, who gives directions while sitting at his monitor and taking photos of what the camera sees. In some respects this is a unique method.

Take a look in enclosed gearboxes

Endoscopic probing enables Allrig to identify, at an early stage, any worn gears, bearings and spindles in the enclosed gearboxes. ‘This is hugely important for our customers,’ says Beets. ‘Thanks to this kind of probing they can stay one step ahead of major problems. It is a preventive approach that helps them save money.’ This advantage is something the market has now discovered.

Damage is sometimes obvious, but other times more difficult to detect. ‘You have to learn to read what you are seeing’, says Beets. ‘If the camera shows us broken gears, you know instantly that maintenance will be necessary. But on other occasions it is difficult to see wear in a gearbox. We don’t take any chances. We run the camera across everything one more time, just to make sure that there’s nothing wrong.’

Final diagnose report

All of this is done for the customer’s benefit. It is very much in the customer’s interests to avoid major problems, says Wille. ‘We observe, identify and record. Our diagnosis enables other people at our company to get in touch with the customer to discuss the next steps. Gearboxes sometimes come to us for overhaul or more detailed examination. On other occasions that’s unnecessary but our findings are still used to draw up a maintenance plan. This outcome is not overly important. It’s about making sure the customer gets the best possible option.’

We innovate

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Also for:

  • Overhaul gearboxes
  • A maintenance report for gearboxes
  • Production of new gearboxes to specs

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