Optimization in Drilling Operations

Insights from the January 2017 IADC South Central Asia meeting

Allrig, an active IADC member, was a title sponsor of the 30th IADC South Central Asia technology meeting with the fitting theme, ‘Optimization in Drilling Operations’, held in Mumbai on the 20th of January. Allrig’s Regional Sales Manager Amit Banerjee observed that, “the event saw huge traction from all walks of the industry.” The meeting brought together operators, drillers, service providers and all associated organizations in the O&G industry. Everyone actively participated and connected with one another, making it an enriching and motivating event.

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Allrig, represented by CEO Mark Hannigan, was asked to provide a service provider’s perspective on the topic of improvement and efficiency. “The future certainly looks bright, yet challenging. We all have to embrace the new world order,” noted Hannigan. He is of course referring to the new world order where the price of around $USD 50 per barrel is the norm.

Cutting-edge technology & Collaboration

Inspections during dry tow
In his presentation, Hannigan used Allrig customer case studies to demonstrate the use of cutting-edge technology and collaborative solutions to support customers in achieving their goals of proactive maintenance, reduced out of service (OOS) time and lower OPEX costs. One example of how Allrig has adapted its services is by providing a riding crew of technicians onboard a dry tow transport vessel to conduct cleaning and inspection, while in transit from the West coast of Africa to the Middle East. Performing this type of work during a planned rig relocation saves the customer both time and money.

Drones & clear teardrop covers
Other examples he mentioned were the use of drones to carry out inspections and a clear Plexiglas teardrop cover. Both examples respond to the needs of the industry: increasing efficiency. Utilizing drone technology in addition to traditional rope access methods and the clear teardrop cover make for a more efficient visual inspection.

The Cleardrop cover
The clear teardrop cover (a product designed by Allrig, also known as the Cleardrop cover) makes it possible to monitor both the oil level and the gear condition while the jacking system remains online. Looking for innovative solutions is only one of the ways to survive in the current market though – collaboration is also essential.


Adding value

“We all have to work together to best optimize our processes and think of innovative solutions to support the industry,” said Hannigan. He went on to provide examples of working together with various industry partners to perform services such as localized derrick repairs and digital inspections. The added value is that each member plays to their strengths to offer customers a single competitive solution.

Partnership & service solutions
Together, through innovative partnerships and service solutions, we can aim for a collective, improved performance in the drilling industry and build a stronger industry long term. Having industry-wide discussion groups such as at the IADC meetings, enable everyone in the industry to come together, share new ideas and exchange best practices to overcome the challenges that each of us is facing in the current market and possibly for the foreseeable future.

Join the conversation

What do you think will help drive greater efficiency in the industry? Drone usage? Big data? Join the conversation: Please send an email to academy@allriggroup.com and let's think of the possibilities.

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Author: Armand de Waard
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