Inspection and Testing Overview

Periodical inspection and testing of critical structures, machines and components is a vital activity within any asset integrity management system.  Allrig has a global team of experts specialising in a broad spectrum of inspection and testing services on a diverse range of energy assets providing asset owners and operators with the assurance that inspected and tested assets are fit-for-purpose.   

Allrig’s range of competitive services are enhanced further by offering multi-disciplined technicians competent to perform various activities, often eliminating the requirement to engage many single skilled personnel and/or multiple service providers during a project, therefore reducing costs and increasing efficiency with improved communications, logistics and safety performance. 

Inspection and Testing Services

Scroll through this page to see all of the Inspection Services that Allrig offers, or jump to your specific area of interest by clicking the link below.  Note that Allrig’s range of services can all be performed using rope access where appropriate, and that rectification support is available.

Service Details

Combined Equipment Inspection Packages

Allrig provides multi-skilled teams, with rope access capabilities when needed, to cover tailored inspection work-scopes on drilling rigs and other assets.  Incorporating multiple inspections into limited mobilisations provides the ultimate competitive solution for inspections services.

Inspections can cover a range of requirements, for example:

  •   Lifting Gear 
  •   Cranes
  •   Derricks
  •   Dropped Objects Surveys
  •   Jacking Systems
  •   UT Gauging of Piping and Pressure Vessels
  •   Drilling Tool Inspection and NDT
  •   PM and Class Required NDT
  •   PRV’s and Critical Gauge Testing
  •   And more…

If you would like to discuss creating a tailored inspection package for your asset, then let's talk! 

Periodic Inspection and Certification

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT):

  •   Magnetic testing level II
  •   Dye penetrant level II
  •   Eddy current
  •   ACFM
  •   Ultrasonic flaw detection
  •   Ultrasonic thickness gauging
  •   Phased array ultrasonic
  •   Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
  •   Borescope supported Inspections

Lifting Equipment Surveys

Allrig provide inspection and testing on all types of lifting equipment and related items, including:

  •   Loose Lifting Equipment
  •   Padeyes, Beams and All Other Types of Fixed Lifting Equipment
  •   Beam Trolley’s
  •   BOP Handling Systems
  •   All Types of Winches
  •   Man-Riding Winches
  •   Ladders and Fall Protection
  •   Swing Jibs and Similar 
  •   FRC Davits and Lifting Systems
  •   Lifeboat Davits

Crane Inspection and Testing

Allrig provide crane services on assets all over the globe, including providing inspections for many of world’s leading drilling contractors. 

At Allrig we built a strong team of API RP2D 7th edition trained inspectors and collectively we have well over 100 years of crane experience to offer clients. 

Allrig conduct the following core crane inspections, plus many other related services:

  •   6 monthly, Annual and 5 Yearly Inspections on All Types of Cranes
  •   SPS Related Surveys and Load Testing, including waterbag supply
  •   Mechanical and Electrical Inspections
  •   Disassembly Inspection and Reassembly
  •   Slew Rings and Bearings

Visit the Cranes section of our website for further details of the Crane Solutions Allrig offers.

Dropped Object Prevention Solutions

Allrig are a leading global provider of Dropped Objects Solutions. Whether it is hands on inspection and rectification, advice during design and construction, or training by one of our Drops experts, Allrig can support you all the way and help ensure a safer working environment.

We offer:

  •   A full suite of Dropped Objects Solutions
  •   Static Dropped Objects Surveys
  •   Dynamic Dropped Objects Surveys
  •   Implementation of Tailor Made and Detailed Dropped Objects Programmes
  •   Site Personnel Training for Static and Dynamic Drops Prevention
  •   Check List for Site Personnel Conducted Intermediate Inspections
  •   Installation and Upgrading of Secondary Retention
  •   Rectification of Potential Dropped Objects
  •   Review or Preparation of Drops Procedure and Policies

UT Gauging of Piping and Pressure Vessels 

Allrig provide UT Gauging on all types of structures and equipment 

Services include:

  •   High Pressure (HP) And Low Pressure (LW) Piping. Including Pipe Mapping with Flow and Material Type
  •   UT Gauging of Pressure Vessels
  •   High-End CAD Drawings to Locate Readings
  •   Correlating Diminution Tables Where Relevant 
  •   Master Locator CAD Drawing to Enable Easy Identification of Piping Surveyed 

Jacking System Inspections

Allrig are a global leader in Jacking System inspections, repairs and parts, please visit the Jacking System section of the website for details to support all your Jacking System needs. 

Drilling Tool Inspection and NDT

Allrig’s NDT specialists can conduct NDT, wear assessment and measurement of all drilling handling tools utilised for operations, including tagging of tools not in use to avoid unnecessary 6 monthly inspection on tools that have not been used. All inspections are conducted strictly in line with API 8B and include detailed reports with photographic support of NDT conducted and dimension reports for relevant tools.

Special Periodic Surveys (SPS) and Other Class Surveys

Surveys will be fully compliant to Class requirements, when applicable. 

  •   Pre-Shipyard, Intermediate, SPS and Class Related Tank, Leg and Hull Gauging, Including Drawings and Material Take-Off for Steel Replacement Planning
  •   Continuous Survey of Hull (CSH)
  •   Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking Survey (UWILD)
  •   Pre-Drydocking Survey
  •   NDT of all required load bearing structural welds 
  •   5 yearly load testing of all required equipment including waterbag supply. For example: Cranes, BOP Handling Systems, Lifeboats and Davits.


Electrical and Mechanical Inspections

Allrig provide a range of electrical inspections, repairs and installations, if you have a specific requirement in mind then let's talk! 

Should Operations allow, then Allrig’s EX and IRT surveys can often be conducted in a combined manner, in order to reduce mobilisations and logistics. 

Hazardous Areas Electrical Equipment Surveys

  •   All types of EX Surveys of Any Category, Including Close, Visual and Detailed.
  •   EX Registers and Equipment Tagging
  •   Detailed Reports and Corrective Action Solutions
  •   Zonal Mapping and/or Updating of Current Zoning 
  •   Rectification Support

Infrared Thermography

  •   Infrared Thermographic Surveys of Electrical Systems
  •   Mechanical Equipment Thermal Imaging to Highlight Operating Temperature Abnormalities
  •   Equipment Registers and Tagging
  •   Detailed Reports and Corrective Action Solutions
  •   Rectification Support

Vibration Analysis

To better determine equipment component in-service period before changeout or overhaul, plus understand piping integrity risk, Allrig provides a range of instrumentation and data logging solutions to record, characterize and understand intermittent problems or long-term performance issues due to vibration. 

Using these tools and methods we can provide tools to help identify vibration and fatigue problems, avoid problems arising, or solve any that arise during construction, commissioning and operational phases. 

Pressure Relief Valves and Gauge Inspections

Allrig’s certified technicians can conduct inspection, repair, testing and calibration on a range of pressure monitoring equipment, in accordance with ASME, API, ISO and IEC.

  •   Pressure Relief Valves Testing, Repair and Replacement
  •   Critical Gauge Inspection and Testing
  •   Digital Display Inspection and Testing

Borescope Supported Research

To help prevent downtime, Allrig offers complete borescope inspections on all gear types. By using state of the art equipment, we identify any possible damage within an enclosed gearbox at an early stage. Find out more about this >

Safe Working Environment Surveys 

LUX (Light) Surveys

Allrig understands that good lighting is vital to safety and performance. Our light measurement surveys investigate the illuminance flux (LUX) levels of general lighting and task lighting on vessels and workplaces. The main objective is to determine whether the various lighting systems comply with minimum standards to accommodate personnel’s visual task performance and to facilitate their movements, wellbeing, and safety on board vessels and workplaces. Surveys determine the potential hazards arising from the work activity under the current lighting condition in the workplace, such as insufficient illumination, excessive contrast, glare or flicker, and evaluate the risks and decide whether improvement measures are needed to protect the employees.

Acoustic Emission (Noise) Surveys

Allrig offers noise level surveys to identify areas that are outside of the specified auditory limit or zoned incorrectly. Our expert surveyors will highlight the probable causes and provide recommendations for rectifying the zoning, reducing the noise level where possible and offer mitigating solutions.  Surveys can include an evaluation of signage to ensure it relevant to operating auditory levels.

Drilling, Vessel and Marine Based Surveys

Drilling Equipment Inspections

Allrig has decades of experience of removal, inspection, refurbishment, reinstallation and commissioning of full drilling packages including BOPs, drawworks, mud pumps, independent rotary drives and other assorted equipment. 

Please visit the Drilling Equipment section of the website for details on what Allrig offer to support your Drilling Equipment’s health. 

Marine Riser and Buoyancy Inspections

Allrig provide a range of specialist riser and buoyancy inspections, to discuss any specific requirements please contact our experts:

  •   Riser Disassembly
  •   High Pressure Water Blasting Riser Main Tube and Internal/External Auxiliary Lines
  •   Complete Inspection Capabilities Including Visual, Dimensional, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging, Ultrasonic Shearwave & Phased Array AUT
  •   Welding Repairs, Fabrication & Remanufacturing
  •   Inspection, Repair & Remanufacturing of Riser Collars, Thrust Collars & Clamps
  •   Riser Buoyancy Inspection & Repair
  •   Inspection & Repair of Hydraulic, Choke & Kill Lines
  •   Application of Marine Riser Specific Coating As Required
  •   Riser Assembly
  •   Pressure Testing
  •   QA/QC

Subsea services

Allrig offers a range of professional subsea services to support your breadth of inspection and servicing needs. These include, but are not limited to:

  •   Hull inspections
  •   Remote dredging water jetting
  •   Propulsion systems cofferdam/habitat installation
  •   Pipeline de-burial
  •   Underwater surveys NDT
  •   Underwater welding and cutting
  •   Sea gland replacement

Well control equipment inspections

To maximize operational uptime, Allrig offers detailed reviews of the overall condition and operability of an extensive range of BOPs and associated control systems. We make sure they are maintained, inspected, tested, compliant and certified to the required level of protection throughout its operational life. We adhere to the IADC Well Control Guidelines, as well as to relevant industry codes, standards, and best practices.

Rectification Support

Allrig offers a complete service delivering proactive solutions to our customers, in line with this we offer optional rectification by our experts of any areas that do not meet the required condition expectations and standards. 

Areas can often be rectified as the inspection progresses, however if any anomalies cannot be attended to at the time, for whatever reason, then we can provide a close-out programme, including details of spares, resources, equipment and estimated timeframe to complete the agreed works. 

Find Out More…

Would you like to find out how our out-of-the-box inspection solutions can support your business? Or are you looking for a service partner that offers global support, with the capacity to respond to local needs?  Or would you prefer to challenge one of our experts to find a solution to a problem you are facing? Give us a call, anytime. 

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