Power Plants

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Completing maintainance within predetermined timeframes because of market requirements and contractual obligations is one of the main challenges we have experienced our clients in the renewables industry are confronted with. Speed, quality, safety and reliability are essential factors to the succesful completion of maintenance and overhaul projects.


Total service

Being able to fully rely on qualitative maintenance partners is therefore essential. From specifications, procedures, planning, follow up and cost control, to equipment, spare parts, testing and documentation: Allrig offers a total service concept, which can be fully adjusted to your needs.

This total service concept scope enables Allrig to be a self-supporting contractor and get the job done on time and within budget. Allrig’s total service concept formula can be expanded to several onshore locations, including:

  • Power plants
  • Dry docks
  • Shipyards & quayside
  • Production plants
  • New build projects

Power plants

Mechanical maintenance of waste power stations is the speciality we have developed in the North Sea region over the years. Few companies have developed such efficient models for minimising maintenance shutdowns at waste incinerators. Nowadays this is a vitally important factor for owners. Modern waste incinerators are environment-friendly power stations with a contractual obligation to supply power. Every extra day of unplanned idle time represents an enormous cost item.

Unique partnership AEB  

The further development of our specialty has been made possible through our unique partnership with the Amsterdam waste processing and powerplant organisation ‘Afval Energie Bedrijf’ (AEB).  Allrig’s Onshore Project Manager explains: “The work at AEB is not just any job for us. As a company we have been doing this work since 1993. Three of the six incineration lines need to be overhauled every year. To a large extent our organisation is configured to perform this work. We have spare parts in stock, mobile workshops and our specialists are ready swing into action. AEB sets frameworks within which we can do our job at our own discretion. It’s precisely that trust that motivates us to go the extra mile.”

Overhaul incineration lines

During a two-yearly overhaul of one of the six incineration lines at AEB it was again crystal clear just how important it is to be able to rely on quality maintenance partners like Allrig. “In the old days the people here said everything depended on the incineration boiler,” recalls Michiel Krikke, AEB’s maintenance contracts engineer. ‘When there was an overhaul we had to wait and see what problems it revealed and then determine how much time we needed. That way of working is outdated.”

Better performance

Krikke sees the waste incineration company’s increasingly stringent obligations towards the market as a challenge to team up with external suppliers to deliver a better performance. “The relationships obviously become more formal and more businesslike because of this approach, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it creates clarity and provides a basis for a lasting professional partnership.”

About AEB

Each year the 6 incineration lines of Afval Energie Bedrijf (AEB) in Amsterdam process 1.4 million tonnes of domestic and industrial waste. This works out at 4.4 million kilograms every day, or roughly 550,000 rubbish bags. Each day 600 lorries plus a goods train deliver waste to AEB, where it goes into incineration furnaces to be used in the generation of energy and heat. AEB generates 1 million MWh of electricity (enough for 285,000 households) and 300,000 giga- joules of heat. On top of this, the company extracts 17,740 tonnes of iron and 2,595 tonnes of nonferrous metals from materials remaining after incineration for redelivery to manufacturing industry.