Allrig is the one-stop shop partner for all your asset management needs. From inspection, service and repair, to maintenance and parts supply. With decades of expertise, Allrig delivers robust service solutions that go beyond the typical approach. 

About us

We understand that revenue efficiency and keeping rigs on Day rate is what drives shareholder value for drilling contractors. We fill the critical gap between the major OEMs and the small independents. Not only can we match the scale and level of a major OEM, we also bring a can-do attitude to our work.

We keep you on day rate

Allrig is the one-stop shop partner for all your asset management needs; from inspection, service and repair, to maintenance and parts supply of key equipment. With decades of expertise in the energy industry, Allrig delivers robust service solutions that go beyond the standard approach.   

Through resourceful partnerships and cutting-edge solutions, a proactive customer-centric focus, local presence in ports and quaysides, and an unyielding dedication to delivering the highest quality, we keep you on Day rate.

One-stop shop approach

Our six core capabilities are: jacking systems, cranes, drilling equipment, derricks, rope access/non-destructive testing (NDT), and pipe and Mechanical handling systems. Next to these six, we provide many related services—from single parts supply to complete service solutions. 

We are able to bundle all of our specialized services into a one-stop shop, meaning one purchase order, and one vendor registration, with local teams ready to deliver when and where you need them. 

Uncompromising on Health, Safety and Quality 

Providing the highest quality service means more to us than meeting requirements: It is about keeping people safe. This is in our DNA. It’s what we were built on and what we apply throughout our work. Implementing smart solutions that do not compromise on health, safety and quality is what we stand for.

We maintain accreditations, approvals and procedures according to the leading classification organizations: API, ABS, DNVGL, Lloyd's Register, BV, ISO, IRATA and LEEA. We work hand-in-hand with all relevant classification bodies worldwide to ensure that our inspection, repair, overhaul, upgrade, training and parts supply conform to the required standards for any given project. Allrig also lends its expertise to industry forums, which define updates and revisions to existing standards.

Find out more about all accreditations 

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    The Allrig Smart glasses

    Remote assistance and technical expertise, brought together in one smart piece of technology Find out more
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    We keep you on day rate

    Rooted in more than 60 years of experience, Allrig offers a raft of core and supplementary services that go beyond the typical service approach Discover all products & services

The new reality

The theme currently dominating Allrig’s strategic thinking is digitization and using technology to deliver cost-efficient solutions. During the downturn, offshore drilling was uneconomical at under $60 per barrel.

Over the last couple of years we’ve sought to make offshore drilling viable at $50 or less, largely by cutting costs, cutting margins, and having fewer people do more work. This approach has got us quite far, but a lot of those savings are unsustainable in the long term.

The industry needs game-changing innovations to get to the next level of cost savings. From the use of digital data in analysis to revolutionary technologies, Allrig’s strategy is to harness and utilize the right tools to improve service delivery, which will help you to work more efficiently and effectively.

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    One-stop shop fleet support

    With our virtual shipyard concept (‘Total dock’) we can deliver a a pop-up rig project workshop in any quayside, port or shipyard. The groundbreaking service model covers everything from inspection, repair, and maintenance to lifetime extensions. Find out more

'Glocal' approach

We are who we are today because we have combined some of the best service companies in the world into one robust global entity. That is why we can offer you a global, ever-expanding, extensive network of representatives, experts and facilities to match your own international footprint.

Feet on the ground

We understand that in-region presence is crucial to your operational success. With feet and facilities on the ground, complying to local customs, rules and regulations, we are ready to rapidly respond at the time, place and to the scale you require.

For those times when a quayside outage is unavoidable, we help you to get back on day rate as fast as possible.

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    Building a stronger industry

    Our belief is that sharing ideas and exchanging best practices is key to building a stronger and more sustainable industry. This is why we actively participate in industry-wide discussion groups, such as the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC). Learn more at our Academy

Let's get smart(er) together

We believe that increasing Y Growth and innovation will not come from one single product improvement or an individual business. The most meaningful progress will come from smart(er) and leaner cooperation throughout the entire industry chain.

Allrig excels in this. From supply chain partners and product manufacturers to ports and shipyards, we actively invest in developing strategic partnerships and building relationships with leading industry players worldwide.