Allrig 440 series

Allrig makes a geomatrically compatible system with the “MLT 375 KIP jacking system®” which was originally built by Marathon Letourneau.  This system is known as the “Allrig 440 series jacking system.” We manufacture the entire system in-house. 



Product overview

  • The “440” system is designed for use on most LeTourneau® type jackup drilling rigs.
  • The “440” system is ABS certified and is completely interchangeable with competitive systems.
  • The “440” system has additional rounds of pinions and upgraded control systems available.


Components 440 series jacking system

  1. Jack case
  2. 7 tooth ¼ pitch climbing pinion
  3. Outboard hub structure
  4. Inboard hub structure
  5. 32 tooth ½ pitch Bull gear
  6. Closed flange hub insert
  7. 7 tooth ½ pitch intermediate pinion
  8. Open flanged hub insert
  9. 46 tooth 1 pitch “Red” gear
  10. 7 tooth 1 pitch output pinion



  • Normal Lift:                    440 Kips
  • Emergency Lift:            500 Kips
  • Fix – Normal Lift:           375 Kips
  • Fix – Emergency Lift:   440 Kips
  • Normal Hold:                704 Kips
  • Storm Hold:                  1056 Kips
  • Rig Application:            LeTourneau®


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