In creating Allrig, we combined the forces of some of the best independent energy service companies in the world. As a result, Allrig is able to offer rig and plant owners a one-stop shop service partner with a matching global footprint.

Experience & expertise

Allrig has well over 100 years of combined crane experience. Inspections, repairs, upgrades or class approved parts? We have got you covered. Our team of API RP2D 7th edition trained inspectors provide inspections services for many of the major drilling contractors around the globe.

Inspection & testing

Allrig provides inspection services for many of the major drilling contractors around the globe utilizing our team of API RP2D 7th Edition trained inspectors. Collectively we have well over 100 years of crane experience. Inspection intervals can be annual, 5 year, or special purpose.

MLT jacking case Cleardrop cover

To reduce downtime, Allrig designed innovative polycarbonate Cleardrop covers. This upgrade will enhance the inspection and analysis of the 375 KIP MLT jacking system.

  • Transparency provides the possibility to conduct continuous visual inspection during operation
  • The need to remove the teardrop cover and drain the oil bath is avoided

Find out more about the Allrig Cleardrop cover



MLT AS cranes

  • Structural, mechanical and electrical components
  • Polarity sensitive switches
  • Speed voltage limiters
  • Fail safe limiters
  • Brake heads (inner
  • and outer mag rigs)
  • Electric motors on all MLT cranes and jacking systems
  • Complete SCR upgrade packages or upgraded original design rewire packages available

MLT SS cranes

  • SCR panels (AC, FC, AC&FC)
  • Controllers
  • Cards that are in the controllers
  • All motors from the SS Cranes

MLT 120 AS crane parts

  • Gears – main hoist and boom hoist
  • Cable drum shafts
  • #4 gearboxes
  • Motor pinions
  • Pins

MLT cranes & motors parts

  • Polarity sensitive switches
  • Speed voltage limiters
  • Fail Safe - limiters, limiter module, contactors
  • Brake heads & brake coils
  • Three & four leaf switches
  • Control transformers
  • Tach generators
  • W grids
  • Diode reducers
  • Hook & swing boards
  • Complete rewire kits
  • Winch control systems
  • Hook & swing pots
  • Emergency load lowering system
  • Leg calibration kits


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