Drilling Equipment Inspection, Repair and Overhaul 

Drilling Equipment Inspections

Allrig has decades of experience of removal, inspection, refurbishment, reinstallation and commissioning of full drilling packages including BOPs, drawworks, mud pumps, independent rotary drives and other assorted equipment. 
Please visit the Drilling Equipment section of the website for details on what Allrig offer to support your Drilling Equipment’s health. 

Repair & overhaul
To minimize interruptions in your operations, Allrig offers the very best in specialized equipment repair, overhaul, upgrade and recertification. We provide cost effective solutions in a timely manner using our smart, integrated manufacturing capabilities and technical support staff that fully adhere to classification and certification requirements.

  • BOPs and Diverter systems
  • Mud pumps
  • Drawworks
  • Drilling spools/ D.S.A.
  • BOP control systems
  • Iron roughnecks
  • Top drives
  • Rotary tables
  • Crownblocks
  • Traveling blocks
  • Deadline anchors
  • Hooks
  • Accumulator bottles

Field mechanic/ service capabilities
Allrig provides cost- and time effective solutions. In addition, we have all the required certifications to ensure our work, and your rig, is in compliance.

  • Disassemble, reseal, reassemble and test BOP’s
  • Full inspections on drilling equipment
  • Mechanical repairs on drilling equipment
  • Rig equipment removal and replacement

Marine Riser and Buoyancy Inspections

Allrig provide a range of specialist riser and buoyancy inspections, to discuss any specific requirements please contact our experts:

  •   Riser Disassembly
  •   High Pressure Water Blasting Riser Main Tube and Internal/External Auxiliary Lines
  •   Complete Inspection Capabilities Including Visual, Dimensional, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging, Ultrasonic Shearwave & Phased Array AUT
  •   Welding Repairs, Fabrication & Remanufacturing
  •   Inspection, Repair & Remanufacturing of Riser Collars, Thrust Collars & Clamps
  •   Riser Buoyancy Inspection & Repair
  •   Inspection & Repair of Hydraulic, Choke & Kill Lines
  •   Application of Marine Riser Specific Coating As Required
  •   Riser Assembly
  •   Pressure Testing
  •   QA/QC

Subsea services

Allrig offers a range of professional subsea services to support your breadth of inspection and servicing needs. These include, but are not limited to:

  •   Hull inspections
  •   Remote dredging water jetting
  •   Propulsion systems cofferdam/habitat installation
  •   Pipeline de-burial
  •   Underwater surveys NDT
  •   Underwater welding and cutting
  •   Sea gland replacement

Well control equipment inspections

To maximize operational uptime, Allrig offers detailed reviews of the overall condition and operability of an extensive range of BOPs and associated control systems. We make sure they are maintained, inspected, tested, compliant and certified to the required level of protection throughout its operational life. We adhere to the IADC Well Control Guidelines, as well as to relevant industry codes, standards, and best practices.

Rectification Support

Allrig offers a complete service delivering proactive solutions to our customers. In line with this we offer optional rectification of any areas that do not meet the required condition expectations and standards. 

Areas can often be rectified as the inspection progresses, however if any anomalies cannot be attended to at the time, for whatever reason, then we can provide a close-out programme, including details of spares, resources, equipment and estimated timeframe to complete the agreed works. 

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