banners-1920x780-ready-for-special-periodic-survey-avbb.jpgFleet Support

With our virtual shipyard concept (‘Total dock’) we can deliver a a pop-up rig project workshop in any quayside, port or shipyard. The groundbreaking service model covers everything from inspection, repair, and maintenance to lifetime extensions, ensuring that you receive the same consistent level of service regardless of rig type or location.

Feet on the ground

Having teams available locally and being able to rapidly upscale according to the project requirements, saving the time and costs of flying in teams from elsewhere, is an important topic in the industry. We understand that in-region presence is crucial to your operational success. With feet and facilities on the ground, complying to local customs, rules and regulations, we are ready to rapidly respond at the time, place and to the scale you require. For those times when a quayside outage is unavoidable, we help you to get back on day rate as fast as possible.

Our Total dock partners

To enable rapid reactivation, fast and efficient service scopes, and effective project management. we have a worldwide presence with facilities and representatives in the major drilling regions and we will continue to explore and establish strategic partnerships going forward. Our total dock partners include:

‘Glocal’ Approach

We are who we are today because we have combined some of the best service companies in the world into one robust global entity. That is why we can offer you a global, ever-expanding, extensive network of representatives, experts and facilities to match your own international footprint.

Allrig follows a ‘glocal’ approach: global coverage to match your global footprint, with the capacity to respond to local requirements.