Electrical Inspection & Mechanical Inspection

Allrig provide a range of electrical inspections, repairs and installations, if you have a specific requirement in mind then let's talk! 

Should Operations allow, Allrig’s EX and IRT surveys can often be conducted in a combined manner, reducing mobilisations and logistics. 

Hazardous Areas Electrical Equipment Surveys

  • All types of EX Surveys of Any Category, Including Close, Visual and Detailed.
  • EX Registers and Equipment Tagging
  • Detailed Reports and Corrective Action Solutions
  • Zonal Mapping and Updating of Current Zoning 
  • Rectification Support

Infrared Thermography

  • Infrared Thermographic Surveys of Electrical Systems
  • Mechanical Equipment Thermal Imaging to Highlight Operating Temperature Abnormalities
  • Equipment Registers and Tagging
  • Detailed Reports and Corrective Action Solutions
  •  Rectification Support

Vibration Analysis

To better determine equipment component in-service period before changeout or overhaul, plus understand piping integrity risk, Allrig provides a range of instrumentation and data logging solutions to record, characterize and understand intermittent problems or long-term performance issues due to vibration. 

Using these tools and methods we can help identify a range of vibration and fatigue problems, whilst data provided can also be used in future trend comparisons for further identification of issues.

Pressure Relief Valves and Gauge Inspections

Allrig’s certified technicians can conduct inspection, repair, testing and calibration on a range of pressure monitoring equipment, in accordance with ASME, API, ISO and IEC.
  • Pressure Relief Valves Testing, Repair and Replacement
  • Critical Gauge Inspection and Testing
  • Digital Display Inspection and Testing

Borescope Supported Research

To help prevent downtime, Allrig offers complete borescope inspections on all gear types. By using state of the art equipment, we identify any possible damage within an enclosed gearbox at an early stage. Find out more about this >

Rectification Support

Allrig offers a complete service delivering proactive solutions to our customers. In line with this we offer optional rectification of any areas that do not meet the required condition expectations and standards. 

Areas can often be rectified as the inspection progresses, however if any anomalies cannot be attended to at the time, for whatever reason, then we can provide a close-out programme, including details of spares, resources, equipment and estimated timeframe to complete the agreed works. 

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