Safe Working Environment Surveys 

LUX (Light) Surveys
Allrig understands that good lighting is vital to safety and performance. Our light measurement surveys investigate the luminous flux (LUX) levels of general lighting and task lighting on vessels and workplaces. The main objective is to determine whether the various lighting systems comply with minimum standards to accommodate personnel’s visual task performance and to facilitate their movements, wellbeing, and safety on board vessels and workplaces. Surveys determine the potential hazards arising from the work activity under the current lighting condition in the workplace, such as insufficient illumination, excessive contrast, glare or flicker, and evaluate the risks and decide whether improvement measures are needed to protect the employees.

Noise Surveys
Allrig offers noise level surveys to identify areas that are outside of the specified auditory limit or zoned incorrectly. Our expert surveyors will highlight the probable causes and provide recommendations for rectifying the zoning, reducing the noise level where possible and offer mitigating solutions.  Surveys can include an evaluation of signage to ensure it relevant to operating auditory levels.

Rectification Support

Allrig offers a complete service delivering proactive solutions to our customers. In line with this we offer optional rectification of any areas that do not meet the required condition expectations and standards. 

Areas can often be rectified as the inspection progresses, however if any anomalies cannot be attended to at the time, for whatever reason, then we can provide a close-out programme, including details of spares, resources, equipment and estimated timeframe to complete the agreed works. 

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