Drilling equipment

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Allrig has decades of experience of removal, refurbishment, reinstallation and commissioning of full drilling packages including BOPs, drawworks, mud pumps, independent rotary drives and other assorted equipment.

Smart drilling solutions

Existing equipment is remanufactured to OEM standards and tested to operating requirements before being returned to the original rig or installed on a different vessel. This process offers vessel owners a lower
cost, faster alternative to new equipment procurement and commissioning.

Inspection & testing

We understand the everyday challenges rig- and project managers face. The pressure from budget constraints and keeping operating costs low therefore require innovative and economical solutions. Allrig offers a variety of inspection and testing services that will maximize your uptime while on contract and minimize the downtime during planned out-of-service periods.

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Repair & overhaul

To minimize interruptions in your operations, Allrig offers the very best in specialized equipment
repair, overhaul, upgrade and recertification. We provide cost effective solutions in a timely manner using our smart, integrated manufacturing capabilities and technical support staff that fully adhere to classification and certification requirements.

  • BOPs
  • Diverter systems
  • Mud pumps
  • Drawworks
  • Drilling spools
  • D.S.A.
  • Accumulator bottles
  • Pulsation dampers
  • Iron roughneck

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