Drilling equipment

For many years, Allrig has been involved in a range of activities related to drilling equipment. These activities include removing, fixing, reassembling, and getting the equipment ready to use. The equipment we work with includes important tools like blowout preventers (BOPs), drawworks, mud pumps, and other various tools that are used in drilling operations. 

At Allrig, we offer clever solutions for drilling. Instead of purchasing brand-new equipment, we take the equipment that is already being used and make it just as good as if it were new. We make sure to follow the same rules and guidelines that the original manufacturer set. We also check and test the equipment thoroughly to ensure that it works properly. 

Once we have finished fixing and testing the equipment, we have two options. We can either put it back on the same drilling rig where it was being used before, or we can install it on a different vessel if needed. This flexibility allows us to make the best use of the equipment and meet the specific needs of our customers. 

The benefits of choosing Allrig as a partner

By choosing our services, vessel owners can save a lot of money. Instead of buying expensive new equipment, they can rely on us to make their existing equipment work like new again. This saves them a significant amount of money in the process. Additionally, our approach is faster than waiting for new equipment to be ordered, delivered, and made ready for use. So, not only do vessel owners save money, but they also save time. 

Overall, Allrig's expertise in removing, refurbishing, reinstalling, and commissioning drilling equipment provides vessel owners with smart solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. 

Additionally, Allrig will also support peripheral work activities on auxiliary equipment, piping systems and structure.


Repair and Overhaul

At Allrig we are committed to providing the highest level of service quality for your equipment under maintenance both onboard and at our regional workshops - quality, cost effective solutions delivered safely and on time by our experienced global team wherever the location.

Allrig provides services for all of your asset systems, some examples are as follows:

  •   Well Control Equipment – BOP Stacks, Diverters, Control Units, Choke and Kill Manifolds
  •   Conductor and Secondary Tensioning Systems
  •   Mud Pumps
  •   Drawworks
  •   Iron Roughnecks
  •   Top Drives
  •   Rotary Tables
  •   Crown Blocks
  •   Traveling Blocks
  •   Compensators
  •   Tubular Handling Systems
  •   Racking Systems
  •   Deadline Anchors
  •   Hooks
  •   High Pressure Manifolds
  •   Multi-Purpose Hydraulic Units
  •   Stabbing Boards / Manipulator Arms and Hydraulic Baskets

…with services including:

  •   Inspection, Disassembly, Dimensional and NDT Checks, Seal and Lubes Replacement, Reassembly and  Testing
  •   Mechanical Repairs to Agreed Scope
  •   Equipment Removal and Reinstallation / Replacement
  •   Testing, Pre-Commissioning, And Fully Integrated Testing to Meet Contractual Requirements

Inspections, Testing, Derrick Services and Rope Access

Allrig’s rounded service portfolio includes many complementing services, to ensure wide support to projects and fewer companies for you to deal with. 

Visit our services section to see how we might be able to support you further, either during a project or through your daily operations:

Would you like to know more?

If you are interested in understanding more about Allrig’s Drilling Equipment services, or if you would like to know more about how we could support you in general, please contact your nearest Allrig location, or send an email to sales@allriggroup.com