Anchor Winches Overhaul

Anchorwinches on board of a jack-up rig are mostly standing idle and that is exactly the biggest problem to keep these anchorwinches in a good operational condition. We advise a 25 yearly (scheduled / planned) life-time maintenance of your anchorwinches.

At Allrig we are specialised in overhaul, engineering, re-engineering, designing and recertificating parts of anchor winches. Whether it is on location or in our well-equipped workshop.

Especially when on location, it is difficult to give the winches a good test run during the monthly required greasing of all linkages, bearings and shafts, and spooling devices.

Being in an open and salty environment speeds up corrosion of anchorwinches, which over the years is resulting in operational difficulties, on moments the anchorwinches are needed. To position a jack-up rig close to a production platform requires the help of these anchorwinches, which at that moment should be 100% reliable.

Overhaul and (re-)engineering of anchorwinches according to API specifications

Our technical specialists perform overhaul and (re-)engineering of your anchor winch spooling devices, carried out with all prescribed rules. All our work is in conformity with API specifications and the regulations of DNV, ABS and Lloyds. Click here for the full projectreport on the anchorwinch overhaul.

About Allrig , the offshore and onshore specialist

Allrig  was established in the early 1990s as a technical service provider for the offshore and onshore industry and is based in The Netherlands, Singapore and Malaysia. Allrig has built a solid reputation thanks to a combination of quality, productivity, know-how, flexibility and our unique innovative drive. The services Allrig provides, range from making technical diagnoses to coordinating and carrying out complete maintenance and repair projects, particularly in the offshore oil and gas industry.

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