Special Periodic Surveys (SPS) and Other Class Surveys

Surveys will be fully compliant to Class requirements, when applicable. 

  • Pre-Shipyard, Intermediate, SPS and Class Related Tank, Leg and Hull Gauging, Including Drawings and Material Take-Off for Steel Replacement Planning
  • Continuous Survey of Hull (CSH)
  • Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking Survey (UWILD)
  • Pre-Drydocking Survey
  • NDT of all required load bearing structural welds 
  • 5 yearly load testing of all required equipment including waterbag supply. For example: Cranes, BOP Handling Systems, Lifeboats and Davits.

Rectification Support

Allrig offers a complete service delivering proactive solutions to our customers. In line with this we offer optional rectification of any areas that do not meet the required condition expectations and standards. 

Areas can often be rectified as the inspection progresses, however if any anomalies cannot be attended to at the time, for whatever reason, then we can provide a close-out programme, including details of spares, resources, equipment and estimated timeframe to complete the agreed works. 

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