Allrig 400 Series

» Jacking Systems overview

Allrig makes a geomatrically compatible system with the “NS 400 jacking system®” which was originally built by National Supply Company.  This system is known as the “Allrig 400 series jacking system.” With exlusion of the motor and the electric brake, we manufacture the entire system in-house. 

Product overview

The “400” Series Jacking System is designed for use on:

  • Friede-Goldman®
  • Hitachi®
  • Levingston®
  • Mitsui® or
  • Mitsubishi® type jack-up drilling rigs

The “400” Series system is ABS certified to 60,000 rack feet of life with use of proper lubricants.
The “400” Series is completely interchangeable with competitive systems and is in service throughout the world.
Provision of additional pinion rounds is available for both floating and fixed systems.




Components 400 series jacking system

  1. Floating jack case
  2. 7 tooth pinion
    ABS approved part number: 001-0058
  3. 76 Tooth gear
    ABS approved part number: 001-0062
  4. 12 Tooth pinion
    ABS approved part number: 001-0061
  5. 54 Tooth gear
    ABS approved part number: 001-0049
  6. 8 Tooth pinion
    ABS approved part number: 001-0059
  7. 40 Tooth Bull gear
    ABS approved part number: 001-0125
  8. 7 Tooth climbing pinion shaft
    ABS aproved part number: 001- 0028


Specifications 400 series jacking system

  • Normal Lift:                 440 Kips
  • Emergency Lift:          500 Kips
  • Normal Hold:              700 Kips
  • Storm Hold:                1000 Kips
  • Rig Application:          Friede-Goldman®, Hitachi®, Levingston®, Mitsui®, Mitsubishi®


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