• We support your total fleet

    We support your total fleet

    For those times when a quayside outage is unavoidable, we offer a 'pop-up rig project workshop' in any quayside, port or shipyard in the world.

  • Total dock

    A groundbreaking concept that promises to deliver complete service solutions around the globe: from inspection, repair, and maintenance to lifetime extensions.

Complete overhaul anchorwinch

Complete overhaul

The complete overhaul of an anchorwinch from the Paragon HZ1 started after arriving in our workshop.

The anchorwinch first was dismantled, it was cleaned completely and afterwards inspected.
To check all critical parts and welds, a NDT-Examination has been executed. Also the gears are UV checked. Afterwords, the steel parts are pre-blasted, blasted, metalized and coated.

Spooling anchor wire on assembled anchorwinch

After assembling, a testrun has been performed. Afterwords, the anchor wire was spooled on the anchorwinch. Thus, the total process, from inspection until the spooling of the anchor wire took place in our workshop.

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