Complete refurbishment of mooring winch

350 Kips Moorning Winch

Allrig’s expertise and years of experience in mechanical technology supported the in-depth and successful refurbishment of a 350 Kips Mooring Winch at our workshop in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, for one of our highly valued customers.

case 2.jpeg

Our experts conducted a thorough assessment and inspection of the winch and components, providing and fitting replacement parts where needed.
Previous coatings and any corrosion were also blasted to clean metal before applying a shop primer and four further coating layers, to provide excellent corrosion protection and finish.
If you have a winch that is in need of refurbishment, repair, parts or coating, whether that is on location or in an Allrig workshop, please contact us to discuss how we can support you on the following email address or alternatively contact your local Allrig office;

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