The project comprised assembling, erecting, outfitting and installing 7 Lee C. Moore-manufactured derricks that weighed 250 tons each, within a tight timescale of 6 weeks

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In conversation with Steve Johnson, Project Director Allrig


7 Lee C. Moore derricks.
6 weeks per derrick.
1,750 tons of steel.
1 service provider – Allrig.

That was the scope of one of Allrig’s recent major, new derrick build projects for a customer based in Dubai.

The winning formula

Out of 5 competitors, Allrig successfully secured the contract based on a few key factors: 1) our stellar health and safety record, 2) our physical presence in the country, and 3) our sound technical and financial proposal.

Steve Johnson, Project Director shares some insight on Allrig’s winning formula. “We proposed a team of senior experts where each person had 20-30 years of experience and knowledge with derricks and rope access. The client was impressed with our wealth of experience. Additionally, Allrig’s facility is close to the customer’s and we had core technicians on the ground already, so we were able to mobilize personnel on extremely short notice. The other companies didn’t have people on the ground like we did.”

Showcasing Allrig’s capabilities

The project comprised assembling, erecting, outfitting and installing 7 Lee C. Moore-manufactured derricks that weighed 250 tons each, within a tight timescale of 6 weeks. Working with a small team of technical and rope access experts in extreme heat conditions, we kicked off the project by checking all derrick components received, ensuring they were not damaged or missing parts. We first assembled the lower derrick, followed by the upper derrick and crown.

On the lower derrick, we began with the panel assembly of the four sides lying in a horizontal position. We then installed all component parts and guide rails, OEM equipment, piping systems, electrical lights and JB’s. We then assembled and outfitted the upper section of the derrick in the same manner.

We then ‘top and tailed’ both the lower- and upper derrick sections into vertical positions, ready for installation onto the rig. We installed the lower section onto the rig first, followed by the upper section, weighing 75 tons.

Overcoming challenges

As Steve explains, “the biggest challenge for us was the extreme heat in Dubai. We put a few procedures in place to mitigate the heat, such as regular shift changes and working 45 minutes on, and 15 minutes off for a break.”

Satisfaction delivered

Given our expertise in building and installing OEM equipment, and adherence to a strict work schedule and safety procedures, we safely and successfully delivered the 7 derricks to the customer on time as promised. We signed a two-year contract with the customer and furthermore secured a strategic partnership with Lee C. Moore (LCM-WCI) at the same time, thanks to the customer’s recommendation of our capabilities and performance.

From the client

Lamprell’s Project Manager, Zadok van Winden, explains “Allrig demonstrated professionalism with the construction of both the derrick assembly and erection scopes. The onsite management and project team that Allrig put in place were easy to work with, competent at their work and thorough with the identification and closeout of the scope. I would recommend Allrig services to any other shipyard or contractor looking to engage in derrick erection services.”

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