Maintenance Of Hydraulic Cylinders Of Waste And Energy Plants

ARN the WtE plant for the Nijmegen region in the south of The Netherlands and processes no less than 550,000 tons of waste per year. Allrig is its permanent partner for planned and unplanned maintenance on both the plant’s incinerator lines.


Every 18 months, in turn, one of the two ARN incinerator lines receives complete servicing. The work includes dismantling the cylinders powering the grid and drive cylinders, dosing cylinders and deslagging cylinders are inspected.

Hydraulic cylinders in poor condition, will be replaced and repaired at Allrig, in order to be deployed again at a next maintenance project.

About Allrig, the offshore and onshore specialist

Allrig was established in the early 1990s as a technical service provider for the offshore and onshore industry and is based in The Netherlands, Singapore and Malaysia. Allrig has built a solid reputation thanks to a combination of quality, productivity, know-how, flexibility and our unique innovative drive.

Our speciality

The real speciality that we have developed over the years is the mechanical maintenance of waste power stations. Few companies have developed such efficient models for minimising maintenance shutdowns at waste incinerators. Nowadays this is a vitally important factor for owners. Modern waste incinerators are environment-friendly power stations with a contractual obligation to supply power. Every extra day of unplanned idle time represents an enormous cost item.

The services Allrig provides, range from making technical diagnoses to coordinating and carrying out complete offshore engineering and repair projects.

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