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Fabrication & Replacement Guide Plate Supports



By performing a pre-survey, we are able to get a clear view on the status of the installed guide plates. Based on the results of that survey, a detailed plan of approach was created in close co-operation with the client. After all details were worked out, the project could kick off: Fabrication and installation of new guide plate supports in the shortest possible period of time.

Fabrication in our workshop

From pre-fabrication, to the creation of a fit-up; from welding to NDT examinations and the final machining of the new guide plate supports- The entire fabrication process took place in our workshop.

Repair & installation on the rig

Thanks to our toolcontainers filled with the required materials for the job, our team has the ability to work fully self-supporting. When all equipment was mobilized, the damaged guide supports were removed. After the acceptable NDT examination of the traverse, the new fabricated guide plate supports have been installed, with great assistence of the rig crew.

Welding process & final NDT examination

To prepair for welding, first the materials need to be pre-heated. As soon as the correct temprature was reached, our team successfully completed the welding of the guide supports. After all materials have been cooled down again, the final NDT examination check was performed. Finally, to fully complete the project, the work traverse has been relocated to the originial position.

Quick & Professional

The technical expertise and workmanship of our team, in combination with good preparations and close co-operation
with the client was the key to the successful completion of this project. Peter G. de Vries, Rig Manager of Seafox I, explains: “Allrig acted quickly upon the request for a pre-job inspection and produced a clear and sound
plan of attack for the repair. The whole procedure was thoroughly discussed and amended were necessary
and subsequently the required equipment and crew was mobilised to carry out the repair. The complete job was carried out well within the estimated time frame. All in all a very successful project with a very cooperative company.”

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