Overhaul Gearboxes CFEM Jacking System

Boroscopic survey

By performing a boroscopic survey, our team is able to identify any possible problem at an early stage, without the necessity of opening the gearboxes. Any worn gears and bearings can be signalised in the enclosed gearbox, leading to big time- and cost savings. After performing a boroscopic survey at the rig, Allrig could present the client with a detailed, tailor-made advice, to decide on the next steps.

Overhaul CFEM gearboxes

In close consultation with the client, and based on the findings of our research, decided was that overhaul was required for a number of gearboxes. 12 of the current gearboxes have been overhauled in our workshop, tested on
our testbench and sent back to the rig, ready for installation: A large-scale, exciting project for Allrig.

Teamwork & workmanship

The time scale for finalizing this project was tight, so our team has certainly been put to the test. Due to a clear plan of approach, good contact with the client and outstanding workmanship of our team, we managed to complete the project in only 20 weeks, to great satisfaction of our client.

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