Overhaul Shredder

A lot of hard work in our workshop gives a worn shredder new status after complete overhaul.  The shredder belongs to a waste incineration plant where it crushes residual waste.


After taking the shafts out of the frame, we can start removing ‘the teeth’. These are fixed with pins and need to be removed one by one (with warmth and pressure). Due to wear and years of use these pins are jammed. It is a tough job, on a good day they might just disassemble two rings (each ring has four teeth). When all teeth were removed the surface of the shaft could be machined.

Control & inspection

Disassembly is followed by an inspection. All parts are carefully checked. We recommended which parts can be re-used or need to be replaced. We will give the customer a complete test report so together we can decide how to build up the overhauled shredder, which new or used parts.


After the shaft was machined, the assembly could begin. In this case the customer choose to mount new teeth instead of welding them again. Then the wear surfaces on the shaft was welded with a robot. Then again machined, to give the shaft the right bore.

End assembly

The shafts are placed in the frame, with new suspensions and a checked hydromotor. Ready to go back in service for another 18 months.

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