Rope Access in Argentina

Offshore Rope Access in Argentina

Allrig is specialized in the execution of offshore services. We strive to be one of the best oil rig maintenance companies in the world. With a team of highly trained and meticulous experts, we perform offshore oil rig maintenance activities for companies all over the world. No challenge is too big because we use innovative and creative solutions. Our cooperation with large and successful companies allows us to optimise our services for every client and every challenge.

Technical service provider for the offshore industry

Allrig was established in the early 1990s. Our company started as a technical service provider. After years of gaining experience, we have become a company that provides services of the highest quality through flexible, innovative, and creative working methods. We have been able to optimise productivity and provide maintenance services in Argentina. These services include oil rig maintenance, Rope Access services and fleet support. At Allrig, we always check whether the machines and equipment comply with the oil rig requirements. We are always ready and happy to think along with you. Contact us and together we will find the best solution for your company.

Offshore engineering in Argentina

Allrig has experience in a wide range of offshore maintenance activities, such as repairing, upgrading, and inspecting several types of offshore drilling equipment. It does not matter what design it has or by whom it was made, we can deal with every problem, everywhere and at any time. We offer a full range of engineering services and offshore oil rig maintenance in Argentina. At Allrig we are specialized in finding solutions for the mechanical maintenance of waste power stations.

High quality solutions

We aim to provide our customers with high quality offshore services such as Rope Access. Our highly trained specialists are motivated to find the ideal solutions for your company. Allrig is a knowledge-intensive company. We try to think forward to find high-tech solutions for the offshore industry. We provide a range of oil rig services from making technical diagnoses to carrying out entire offshore oil rig maintenance projects. We carry out offshore maintenance projects for the oil and gas sectors all over the world, including Argentina.