Inspection and Testing in Brazil

Your partner for Inspection & Testing in Brazil

Periodical inspection and testing of critical structures, machines and components, such as drilling derricks, is a vital activity within any asset integrity management system. With over 60 years of experience, Allrig is the suitable partner regarding inspection and testing services for drilling rig companies in Brazil. Operating onshore as well as offshore, Allrig serves the energy market in Brazil as a partner for divergent services such as: Inspection and Certification, Special Periodic Surveys (SPS) & Other Class Surveys, Electrical Inspection & Mechanical Inspection, Safe Working Environment Survyes, Drilling Equipment Inspection – Repair & Overhaul and Marine, Subsea & Well Control Services.

Crane Inspection and Testing in Brazil

Allrig provides crane services on assets all over the globe, including providing inspections for many of world’s leading drilling contractors. We have a strong team of API RP2D 7th edition trained inspectors and collectively we have well over 100 years of crane experience to offer clients in Brazil. For further details about the Crane Solutions Allrig offers, visit the Cranes section under Service & Parts.

Combined Equipment Inspection Packages

Allrig utilises with rope access when needed, to cover tailored inspection work-scopes on drilling rigs and other assets. We serve drilling companies as a purveyor of, for example, crane inspection and certification. Inspection in Brazil can cover a range of requirements, for example:

  • Lifting Gear Inspection
  • Crane Inspection
  • Derrick Inspection
  • Dropped Objects Survey
  • Drilling Handling Tool Inspection
  • Rope Access Inspection
  • Drilling Equipment Inspection
  • And more…

About Allrig

In creating Allrig, we have brought together the expertise of some of the best independent service companies in the world. As a result, we are able to offer drilling companies in Brazil a service partner with a matching global footprint. We understand that revenue efficiency and keeping rigs on Day rate is what drives shareholders value for drilling contractors. We fill the critical gap between the major OEMs and the small independents. Not only can we match the scale and level of a major OEM, we also bring a can-do attitude to our work.

Get in touch with our specialists

The knowledge and experience of our team is our distinguishing factor. With over 60 years of experience, you can be assured that our team of experts in Brazil, also known as the Allrig “All stars” have seen your challenges before and solves them. We challenge you to challenge us. Our specialists in Brazil will think with you to find the best possible solution to your problems, both offshore and onshore.